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Portas usadas pelo N-able Solar Winds

Saudações, pessoal.
Dica rápida para usuários do N-Able (nCentral): as portas comumente usadas pelo sistema:

  • 20/21 is used for FTP connections, particularly when configured for backups.
  • 22 (SSH) is used for Remote Control sessions.
  • 25 (SMTP) is used for sending mail.
  • 53 is used for DNS.
  • 68 is used by the NTPDate service which keeps your server clock in sync.
  • 80 (HTTP) UI and Agent/Probe communication
  • 135,139,445 is used by Agents and Probes for WMI queries to monitor various services.
  • 443 (HTTPS) UI and Agent/Probe communication.
  • 1433 is used by Report Manager for the data export. It is also used by Agents/Probes to monitor Backup exec jobs.
  • 2000 is used for Remote Support Manager connections locally on the machine. Traffic is mapped to port 2000 locally and transmitted to the N-central server through Port 22.
  • 10000 (HTTPS) is used for the Administration Console.

Fonte: https://secure.n-able.com/webhelp/NC_9-1-0_SO_en/Content/KBAs/NAC_Configuration/30009.html

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