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Ingles – Slangs (Girias) – Parte 01

Let’s learn some slangs in english:

Back to square one -> to start all over again
Pardon my French -> forgive for using a bad a word
field day -> an enjoyable or special time
got out on the wrong side of bed -> to be im bad mood
go out on a limb -> to take a risk, especially while speaking
know the hopes -> understand how something works
play it by ear -> to do something without planning ahead.
tie the knot -> to get married
word for word -> exact repeating of what someone else said
piece of cake -> easy!
beats me -> I don’t know
get out of hand -> out of control
get going -> to leave, to start
inside out -> thoroughly
jump the gun -> start earlier than expected
keep an eye on -> pay attention to
make up your mind -> decide
pulling your leg -> making a joke, kidding
bent out of shape -> angry or upset
the bottom line -> the main point or the lowest price
caught my eye -> got my attention
cost an arm and a leg -> expensive
sooner or later -> eventually
at your wit’s end -> to have no idea what to do next
with flying colors -> with high grades or scores
keep your cool -> stay calm

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